Jeff King Workout Routine and Diet Plan

According to intervview, Jeff kings workout routine consists of 4-6 cycling reps at the beginning of the week, weightlifting, deadlift, bench press, Chest, back, Shoulders, biceps, triceps, and neck plus abs workouts.

If you’re looking to level up your fitness game, look no further than jeff king’s exceptional workout routine. As a professional trainer and fitness enthusiast, jeff understands the importance of a well-rounded regimen.

Who is Jeff King?

Jeff King is a very successful bodybuilder. He has won Mr. America and Mr. Universe, but he has never fought on an IFBB stage. He always came in first or second place in WABBA, AAU, NPC, and NABBA, but he never competed on an IFBB stage because of some very controversial political reasons.

Jeff King Stats

Age: 68 Years old
Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Weight: 159 lbs
Arms: 19.5
Chest: 53 inches

Jeff King Workout Routine

Jeff King was well-known on bodybuilder stages all over the world for his big neck and big quads, which gave him the nickname “Quadzilla” among his growing number of bodybuilding fans in the 1980s. Jeff is no longer competitive, but he still works out.

His exercise plan wasn’t unusual, except that every other day, he would beat the hell out of his calves. If you want to know if he trained his big neck to look like Frankenstein’s neck, the answer is yes. As you can see below, he trained his neck twice a week.

Jeff was very worried about making sure he did every exercise with the right form. He would do between 7 and 12 sets for each body part, lifting as much weight as he could. But he never trained past the point of failure because he didn’t want to get hurt. In all of his moves and routines, he would do between 4 and 10 reps for each set.

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Jeff found out what kind of exercise works best for him. He says that he cycled his reps by doing 4–6 reps on the first few days of the week, and then he would do 8–12 reps of the same movement or exercise at the end of the week.

After that, he would start his “power routine” by doing pyramid sets, starting heavy with 4-6 reps at maximum weight. At the end of this training cycle, he would do 8–12 reps of light workouts for a half week. This would help him recover from the two weeks of very hard workouts. Jeff always worried about overtraining and getting hurt.

His exercise plan was to work out for three days and then take a day off. Jeff would sometimes rest for two days if he thought his tired muscles needed more time to heal.

This is how his training plan was set up:

  • Workout day 1: Chest, back, neck and abs
  • Workout day 2: Legs and calves
  • Workout day 3: Shoulders, biceps, triceps, and neck plus abs
  • Workout day: Off

Jeff would regroup his body parts and train on a different plan for a few weeks, just like any good bodybuilder would, but he would always go back to the schedule above. Working this plan means that each part of his body got a hard workout twice every 8 days. But he got hit 6 times every 8 days on his legs, neck, and stomach.

Routines That Jeff King Enjoys For Cardio Workouts:

  • Running: Whether it’s pounding the pavement or hitting the trails, jeff loves running as a way to get his heart rate up and burn calories.
  • Jump rope: This simple yet effective exercise engages multiple muscle groups while providing a fantastic cardiovascular workout.
  • Cycling: Jeff enjoys cycling both indoors on a stationary bike and outdoors to mix up his cardio routine.
  • Stair climbing: Climbing stairs is a challenging activity that elevates the heart rate and works the lower body muscles.
  • Group fitness classes: Jeff likes to participate in high-energy group fitness classes, such as dance cardio or kickboxing, to keep his cardio workouts fun and exciting.
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Overall, jeff king’s dedication to cardiovascular fitness is evident in the variety of workouts he incorporates into his routine.

Fine-Tuning And Recovery: Jeff King’S Approach

Jeff king, the renowned fitness expert, has a workout routine that has garnered much attention and admiration. But what sets jeff apart is not just his intense training sessions, but also his meticulous approach to fine-tuning and recovery. This section focuses on the strategies that jeff king employs to optimize his performance and ensure that his body stays in top shape.

From rest and recovery days to favorite techniques for rejuvenation, let’s delve into the finer aspects of jeff king’s workout routine.

Rest And Recovery Days For Optimal Performance

  • Taking regular rest days is crucial for allowing the body to recover and repair after intense workouts.
  • Jeff understands the importance of balance and sets aside dedicated days for rest and relaxation.
  • Rest days not only reduce the risk of injury but also promote muscle growth and overall performance.
  • By giving his body enough time to recharge, jeff sets himself up for success in his subsequent training sessions.
  • Incorporating rest days into your own workout routine can improve performance and prevent burnout.

Jeff King Diet Plan

According to interview, read the following diet plan with his own words…

On May 17, I started my diet. Using what I learned in college about nutrition and body composition tests, I started to get rid of as much fat as possible while keeping as much muscle as possible. I knew I wanted to have less body fat than I did when I won the Collegiate Mr. America contest in April 1982.

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At that show, 3.1% of me was fat. If I could learn from the mistakes I made while training for that show, I might be able to get more ripped and keep more muscle mass for the Mr. America.

I used hydrostatic measuring and counting calories to keep track of my progress. Everything would be done in a scientific and smart way.

Most of the calories I ate came from carbs and then protein. I ate as little fat as possible. Egg whites, chicken, fish, and yoghurt were my main sources of protein, and fresh fruit, veggies, grains, and cereals gave me a lot of energy.

Because my metabolism is so fast, I found that a diet of 3,200 to 3,500 calories helped me lose about 2 lb [0.9 kg] or more of fat every week. Most people would think this is a feast. In just seven weeks, my body fat went from 13.7% to 4.8%. I had to start eating because I was afraid I might reach my peak too soon.

Jeff King Interview


To sum it up, jeff king’s workout routine is a comprehensive and effective approach to achieving fitness goals. By combining strength training, cardio exercises, and proper nutrition, jeff has managed to transform his physique and improve his overall health. The variety in his workouts, which include weightlifting, hiit, and functional training, keeps his body challenged and avoids plateaus.

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