F45 Brixton Workout: Timing, Format, Schedule and Muscle Worked

F45 Training’s unique approach to workouts, which provides members with diverse daily classes, has propelled it to the forefront of the fitness industry.

With an extensive repertoire of over 50 different workout routines, participants are constantly motivated, ensuring they never experience workout demotivation.

One of these distinctive workouts is the F45 Brixton Workout – an intense and combat-style cardio-based routine that draws inspiration from professional fighter training.

What is the F45 Brixton Workout?

Within the landscape of F45 Training, where creativity and intensity converge, the F45 Brixton Workout shines as a cardio-based combat-style regimen. This workout draws direct inspiration from the training methods of professional fighters, encompassing exercises centered around punching, kicking, and high-endurance activities.

Brixton doesn’t merely deliver a sweat-inducing workout; it immerses participants in a combat-style experience, simulating the training of MMA fighters, boxers, and those focused on self-defense.

Workout Type (Cardio)

The F45 Brixton Workout is firmly rooted in the realm of cardiovascular fitness.

By adopting combat-style movements, such as punching and kicking, participants engage in high-intensity activities that elevate heart rates, promote endurance, and burn calories.

This unique cardio approach differentiates the Brixton Workout from traditional repetitive movements, providing an engaging and dynamic workout experience.

Find Studio

Embarking on the journey of the F45 Brixton Workout begins with locating a nearby F45 studio.

F45’s studio environment fosters community, motivation, and the distinct group-based training experience that defines the brand.

To discover a facility offering the Brixton Workout, utilize the studio locator on the F45 website and take the first step toward embracing this combat-inspired fitness challenge.

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Find an F45 Studio

Workout Schedule (Mon, Wed)

Consistency is the cornerstone of progress, and the F45 Brixton Workout adheres to a structured schedule.

Typically scheduled for Mondays and Wednesdays, participants can anticipate a regimen that provides regular opportunities to challenge their limits.

This commitment to routine aids in enhancing cardiovascular endurance and overall fitness development.

Muscles Worked

While the core of the Brixton Workout revolves around cardiovascular endurance, it doesn’t overlook other essential aspects of physical conditioning.

The incorporation of combat-style movements engages multiple muscle groups, including the upper body, core, and legs.

Participants can anticipate not only improved cardiovascular capacity but also strengthened muscles throughout their body.

Workout Template, Functional Points and Timing for F45 Brixton

The F45 Brixton Workout stands out with its structured template and unique timing intervals. With 12 stations distributed across 3 pods, participants embark on an immersive and intense journey. Each pod is designed to challenge different aspects of fitness:

  • Pods 1 and 2: Combat-simulated exercises inspired by MMA, including punches, kicks, and high-endurance activities.
  • Pod 3: Cardio bodyweight exercises that round out the comprehensive workout.

The timing intervals are as follows:

  • 40 seconds of work
  • 20 seconds of rest

The workout is performed over 2 laps, allowing participants to maximize their engagement and effort throughout the entire session.

Is the F45 Brixton Workout Hard?

While the Brixton Workout may not be exceedingly difficult, its unique approach to exercise, especially if you’re new to combat-style movements, might present initial challenges.

Punching pads or performing kicks might feel unfamiliar at first, but as participants become accustomed to the movements, the experience becomes enjoyable and empowering.

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The bodyweight exercises in the final pod add an additional layer of challenge, elevating heart rates and leaving participants feeling accomplished.

Is the F45 Brixton Workout Good for Beginners?

Despite its combat-style focus, the F45 Brixton Workout can be adapted for participants of various fitness levels.

Beginners can ease into the routine by selecting appropriate modifications and focusing on proper technique.

F45 trainers are readily available to offer guidance, ensuring a safe and effective workout for newcomers.

Who Should Try Out F45 Brixton Workout?

The F45 Brixton Workout appeals to a diverse audience seeking a distinctive and dynamic cardio experience.

Whether you’re enthusiastic about combat-style movements, looking to enhance endurance, or eager to explore a new fitness dimension, Brixton offers a platform to achieve these goals.

Its combination of high-intensity combat-inspired exercises and bodyweight movements make it suitable for individuals looking to challenge themselves and elevate their cardiovascular fitness.

Concluding Words

The F45 Brixton Workout is a testament to F45 Training’s commitment to innovative and engaging fitness experiences.

With its combat-style focus, unique timing intervals, and structured template, Brixton challenges participants to embrace a new dimension of cardio training.

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