Does F45 Have Lockers?

F45 studios typically do not have traditional locker rooms with lockers for storage. The focus on maximizing workout space means that traditional lockers and large changing areas are not commonly found in F45 facilities.

F45 Training is known for its efficient and dynamic workout spaces designed to provide intense and effective training sessions.

While traditional locker rooms with lockers for storage are common in many fitness facilities, F45 studios often prioritize workout space over expansive changing areas.

As a result, the presence of lockers in F45 studios may be limited or non-existent.

Maximizing Workout Space

One of the key characteristics of F45 studios is their focus on utilizing space for workouts.

The layout is typically designed to accommodate various stations and equipment needed for the workout programs.

This efficient use of space allows for seamless transitions between exercises and helps maintain the intensity of the training session.

Changing Areas and Storage Solutions

F45 studios usually have designated areas for changing, where participants can prepare for their workout and store personal belongings.

These areas may include hooks, cubbies, or small shelves where individuals can place their bags, jackets, and other items.

While these solutions offer some storage space, they are not equivalent to traditional lockers found in larger fitness centers.

Personal Responsibility

Since F45 studios often lack traditional lockers, participants are encouraged to travel light and only bring the essentials needed for the workout.

This could include items such as workout clothes, water bottles, and towels.

It’s important for participants to be mindful of their belongings and to adhere to any studio policies regarding storage and personal items.

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What to Expect

When visiting an F45 studio, individuals should anticipate a streamlined layout that prioritizes workout space.

While the absence of traditional lockers may be a departure from other fitness centers, F45’s focus on efficient, high-intensity training makes this trade-off understandable.


F45 studios typically do not have traditional locker rooms with lockers for storage. Instead, they emphasize maximizing workout space and efficiency.

Participants are advised to bring only the essentials and use the designated changing and storage areas available in the studio.

The absence of lockers aligns with F45’s commitment to providing intense, results-driven workouts in a space-conscious environment.

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