Does F45 Have Online Classes?

Yes, F45 offers online classes through a program called F45 Live. F45 Live allows individuals to access F45’s workouts from the comfort of their homes. The program offers live virtual workouts led by F45 trainers, providing motivation, support, and a challenging workout experience in just 45 minutes.

F45 Training is renowned for its effective and dynamic workout programs that cater to various fitness levels and goals.

Recognizing the need for flexibility and convenience, F45 introduced F45 Live—an online platform that brings the F45 workout experience directly to individuals’ homes.

Through F45 Live, participants can join virtual workouts led by F45 trainers, engage with fellow members, and enjoy the benefits of F45’s high-intensity training approach.

Access the World’s Greatest F45 Workout at Home

F45 Live offers the opportunity to experience F45’s signature workouts without having to visit a physical studio.

This is particularly beneficial for individuals who prefer to exercise at home, have busy schedules, or face challenges attending in-person classes.

F45 Live brings the same high-energy, results-driven workouts to participants’ living rooms, enabling them to stay active and engaged regardless of their location.

Virtual Workouts with F45 Trainers

One of the standout features of F45 Live is the live virtual workouts led by F45 trainers.

These trainers guide participants through each workout session, providing motivation, instruction, and cues to ensure proper form and technique.

The interactive nature of these virtual sessions allows participants to feel connected to the F45 community and receive real-time feedback from experienced trainers.

Supportive Community and Motivation

Just like in a physical F45 studio, F45 Live fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among participants.

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While working out remotely, individuals can still connect with fellow F45 members, share their progress, and even compete in challenges.

This social aspect enhances motivation and accountability, making the online experience engaging and enjoyable.

Sweaty Fun in 45 Minutes

F45 Live stays true to the core principle of F45 workouts—maximum effectiveness in a minimal amount of time.

Each virtual session lasts for 45 minutes, during which participants can expect a mix of functional exercises, cardio, strength training, and more.

The workouts are designed to challenge various muscle groups, elevate heart rates, and provide a comprehensive fitness experience.

How to Access F45 Live

To access F45 Live, individuals can visit the F45 Training website and sign up for online classes.

The platform typically offers a schedule of live virtual sessions, allowing participants to choose the time that best fits their daily routine.

Additionally, participants may have access to on-demand workouts, giving them the flexibility to exercise whenever it suits them.


F45 Live brings the world-class F45 workout experience to individuals’ homes through live virtual sessions led by F45 trainers.

This online platform allows participants to engage in challenging and effective workouts, connect with fellow members, and enjoy the support and motivation that F45 is known for.

Whether you’re new to F45 or a seasoned member, F45 Live offers a convenient and engaging way to stay active, healthy, and connected to the F45 community from anywhere in the world.

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