F45 Lionheart Monitor: Track Your Progress

Monitoring your fitness progress and performance is key to achieving your goals. F45 Training, known for its dynamic and effective workouts, takes this concept to the next level with the F45 Lionheart Monitor.

This innovative technology enhances your workout experience by providing real-time insights into your heart rate, effort level, and overall performance.

Let’s dive into the details of the F45 Lionheart Monitor and how it can benefit your fitness journey.

What is the F45 Lionheart Monitor?

The F45 Lionheart Monitor is a wearable device designed to help you track and optimize your workout sessions. It utilizes cutting-edge technology to measure your heart rate, percentage of maximum effort, and total calories burned.

However, what sets the Lionheart Monitor apart is its unique points system, which rates your performance during a session. The ultimate goal? To achieve the coveted 45 points, indicating that you’ve pushed yourself to your limits and conquered your workout.

How Does the F45 Lionheart Monitor Work?

Using the Lionheart Monitor is a straightforward process. You simply wear the monitor during your F45 workout session.

The device collects data and sends it to the studio’s TV displays, where you can see your real-time results.

The colour coding system on the displays allows you to gauge your performance. Ideally, aiming to be above 75% of your maximum heart rate signifies that you’re pushing yourself effectively.

If you reach or exceed the 45-point mark, you’ve hit a home run and can take pride in your accomplishment.

Calculating Lionheart Points

The Lionheart Monitor employs a user-friendly 45-point scale to measure your progress.

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If you maintain an average heart rate of 75% or higher of your maximum heart rate throughout an entire F45 class, you’ll achieve the maximum 45 points.

As your fitness level improves, hitting 45 points becomes more challenging, prompting you to continually challenge yourself and push your boundaries.

Using Lionheart Beyond the Studio

The versatility of the F45 Lionheart Monitor extends beyond the F45 studio.

You can utilize it for training outside the studio by connecting it to compatible apps such as Polar Beat or Strava.

This feature allows you to maintain a consistent approach to monitoring your workouts even when you’re not at an F45 location.

Compatibility with Apple Watch

For Apple Watch users, there’s even more good news. The Lionheart watch app enables you to connect your Apple Watch to the F45 group fitness system in F45 studios.

Please note that this requires the F45 Studio Hub device for operation and is compatible with Apple Watch Series 3 or later models.

Is the F45 Lionheart Monitor Worth It?

Whether the F45 Lionheart Monitor is worth it depends on your fitness goals and preferences.

If you’re seeking a simple and effective fitness tracker for monitoring heart rate and calories burned, the Lionheart is a valuable tool.

However, if you’re looking for in-depth health metrics and a comprehensive fitness tracking experience, you might explore other options.


The F45 Lionheart Monitor offers a dynamic and data-driven approach to your workouts. With its real-time insights, points system, and compatibility with various devices, it enhances your F45 Training experience.

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As you aim to achieve and exceed the 45-point mark, the Lionheart Monitor becomes a motivating companion that pushes you to new heights in your fitness journey.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, the F45 Lionheart Monitor provides an extra layer of accountability and measurement, bringing you closer to your fitness aspirations.

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