F45 Angry Bird Workout: Timing, Format, Schedule and Muscle Worked

Introducing the F45 Angry Bird Workout – a powerful shock to your system designed to reshape your body by building lean muscle, strength, and endurance. Don’t be intimidated by the name; Angry Bird is a dynamic and transformative resistance training experience that challenges your upper, lower, and core muscles.

With its dynamic tempos and resistance variations, this workout keeps your body guessing, ignites calorie burn, and leaves you feeling empowered and invigorated.

What is F45 Angry Bird Workout?

The F45 Angry Bird Workout is a high-intensity resistance training session meticulously designed to create a positive shock to your body’s system. This workout focuses on building lean muscle, enhancing strength, and boosting endurance through carefully crafted exercises that engage various muscle groups.

Utilizing varied tempos and resistance levels, Angry Bird targets both upper and lower body muscles, as well as your core. By incorporating these dynamic elements, the goal is to challenge your body, enhance calorie burn, and drive results.

Workout Type (RESISTANCE Training)

F45 Angry Bird Workout falls under the category of resistance training, which involves utilizing external resistance – such as weights, bands, and bodyweight – to engage and strengthen muscles. Resistance training is renowned for its ability to shape and tone the body while promoting increased metabolism and functional fitness.

Find Studio

Embarking on the transformative journey of the F45 Angry Bird Workout starts with finding an F45 Training studio near you. The studio environment plays a pivotal role in providing the support, motivation, and guidance necessary to excel in your fitness journey.

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To locate a studio offering the Angry Bird Workout, you can use the official F45 Training website’s studio locator tool.

Find an F45 Studio

Workout Schedule (Tues, Thurs, Sun)

The F45 Angry Bird Workout finds its place on the workout schedule every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Regularly incorporating this resistance-based session into your weekly routine ensures consistent progress and development in muscle strength, endurance, and overall fitness.

The carefully structured schedule offers participants ample opportunities to experience the benefits of resistance training throughout the week.

Muscles Worked

The Angry Bird Workout targets a comprehensive array of muscle groups, including both upper and lower body muscles, along with core activation. The specific muscles engaged may vary based on the exercises performed, ensuring a holistic workout experience.

Workout Template, Functional Points and Timing for F45 Angry Bird

The F45 Angry Bird Workout is characterized by its structured template:

  • Resistance-based workout
  • Utilization of varied tempos and resistance levels
  • Engages upper, lower, and core muscles
  • 45-minute session duration
  • 15 stations with different timing intervals
    • 40 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds of rest
    • 30 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds of rest
    • 20 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds of rest
  • Up to 30 members can participate

Is the F45 Angry Bird Workout Hard?

The F45 Angry Bird Workout is designed to challenge your limits and push your muscular strength and endurance. The dynamic tempo changes and resistance variations contribute to the intensity of the workout.

While it may be demanding, F45 Training’s inclusive philosophy ensures that participants of varying fitness levels can partake and adapt the workout to their capabilities.

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Is the F45 Angry Bird Workout Good for Beginners?

The F45 Angry Bird Workout may seem intense, but F45 Training’s approach welcomes beginners to engage in the workout. The guidance of F45 trainers ensures that newcomers learn proper form and technique, enabling them to gradually build strength and endurance over time.

Who Should Try Out F45 Angry Bird Workout?

The F45 Angry Bird Workout is ideal for individuals seeking a transformative resistance training experience. Whether you’re striving to build lean muscle, enhance strength, or boost overall endurance, this dynamic workout caters to a diverse range of fitness aspirations. Its versatile nature makes it suitable for those seeking a challenging and rewarding resistance training journey.

Concluding Words

F45 Angry Bird Workout embodies the ethos of F45 Training by delivering a dynamic resistance training experience that shapes the body, enhances strength, and ignites calorie burn. With its carefully structured exercises, varied tempos, and resistance levels, Angry Bird ensures comprehensive muscle engagement and dynamic results.

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