Does Orangetheory Have a Family Plan

Orangetheory Family Plan and Discounts

Do you want your families sweat together in same OT studio? For you, Orangetheory have Family Plan and Discounts. Read on!

Does Orangetheory Have a Family Plan?

Yes, Orangetheory offers a family plan that provides a minimum $10 discount on elite and premier membership plans for members who sign up at the same studio, thereby allowing them to enjoy better individual subscription rates than those without family members on the membership.

Orangetheory Membership Plans and Cost

Orangetheory offers a variety of flexible options to suit everyone’s needs – from class packages to membership subscriptions. The latter is a great choice for those who are looking for an economical option since it requires a monthly commitment.

There are 3 types of membership plans;

1. Basic membership (4 classes per month): approximately $70 per month

2. Elite membership (8 classes per month: approximately $110 per month

3. Premier membership (unlimited classes per month): approximately $160 per month

With both the Elite and Basic memberships, additional classes come at a great price – only $30! Plus, Elite and Premier members can take advantage of family discounts.

Data Source: Orangetheory

Orangetheory Family Discounts and Offer

Orangetheory fitness gyms make it easier for families to stay fit together, offering discounts of up to $20 for family members. The exact discount varies from studio to studio, as each gym is independently managed.

Take advantage of this great offer! Studios are offering discounts to all family members, with each person receiving a reduction of either $10 or $20 – what an amazing way to save!

For example, With an elite membership costing $70 each, family members can get a discounted rate of $60. For the premier option at $159 per member, the family rate is reduced to $139.

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And, If you purchase a premium membership for $159, the second member will receive a discounted rate of either $149 or $139, giving you both access to the same wonderful benefits.

With some studios, family members can enjoy a discounted rate if they share an address and prove their relationship. Other studios require the family to sign up for membership together to get the discount, with some offering it to all parties while others exclude one from the discounted rate.

Data Source: Orangetheory

Family Discounts On Extra Sessions

If you decide to drop in for a class, it will cost you an additional fee of $30 per class. You can also add classes to your plan for around $15-$20 each, although discounts are not given.

For a larger number of classes, you can purchase packages with discounts ranging from $200 for 10 sessions to even greater discounts for larger packages.

Some locations may offer family discounts if multiple members take the additional packages; the exact discount and availability will depend on the franchise location.

Guest Pass Option in Orangetheory

Orangetheory memberships come with guest pass privileges and the premier membership plan offers unlimited classes with more passes.

The number of passes varies between studios, but members may also receive occasional passes from their studio.

Furthermore, drop-in rates for a member’s guest may be lower even without a pass.

Orangetheory Family Discount Policy

Orangetheory studios generally provide a family discount of $10 to $20 on the additional memberships for elite and premier levels.

However, the specific rules regarding this discount vary from one location to another; some require all members to register together, while others allow a time frame restriction.

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Additionally, some studios apply the discount only to add-on family members, and some require members to share a physical address.

Does Orangetheory really work?

Orangetheory has been praised by its members for the successful outcomes they have achieved through their structured workouts and programming.

It is suitable for beginners, those looking to improve endurance or lose weight, but may not be the best option for those wanting to build muscle or increase strength.

Final Thoughts

Orangetheory’s membership policy offers a family discount that is applicable to at least one family member and runs throughout the duration of their membership.

This is a great benefit for families looking to get fit together.

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