OrangeTheory Nonstop Workout Explained

OrangeTheory Fitness has gained immense popularity for its unique and effective workout programs, offering a refreshing approach to fitness training. Among their diverse classes, the OrangeTheory Nonstop workout stands out as a rigorous and challenging endurance-based routine.

This article explores what the Nonstop workout entails, how it is performed, and offers valuable tips to conquer this intense fitness challenge.

What is the OrangeTheory Nonstop Workout?

The OrangeTheory Nonstop workout is a high-intensity endurance session designed to push participants to their limits. Unlike traditional gym workouts, this 90-minute (sometimes 60-minute) class features continuous action on the treadmill, rower, and floor with minimal rest.

The goal is to maximize effort and keep the heart rate elevated throughout the entire session, providing a complete full-body workout.

The Nonstop Workout Breakdown:

Tread Block: The session commences with a 14-minute tread block, consisting of extended push efforts interspersed with shorter base recovery periods. Participants might experience a 3-minute push followed by a 90-second base, gradually increasing the intensity. The tread block concludes with an all-out effort to test participants’ limits and challenge their cardiovascular endurance.

Rower Block: Following the tread block, participants move to the rower for a similar pattern of push efforts and base recovery periods. Like the treadmill, this segment aims to keep the momentum going, ensuring maximum work output on the rowing machine.

Floor Block: The final phase of the Nonstop workout involves the floor block. Participants perform two back-to-back non-stop sets with no rest in between. The first set focuses on lifting challenging weights to test strength, while the second set targets the core muscles for added intensity.

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Key Facts About the Nonstop Workout:

  • The Nonstop workout follows the same pattern for both 2G (two-group) and 3G (three-group) classes at OrangeTheory.
  • Participants can expect to row an average distance of 2800m to 4200m and cover a treadmill distance of 2500m to 3800m during the session.
  • For the floor exercises, it’s essential to select moderate dumbbell weights to maintain continuous movement and avoid disruptions in the workout flow.

Sample Nonstop Workout Template

(Tread Block)

  • 3 min push
  • 90-sec base
  • 2.5 min push
  • 75-sec base
  • 2 min push
  • 1 min base
  • 90-sec push
  • 45-sec base
  • 30 sec all-out

(Row Block)

  • 3 min push row
  • 90-sec base row
  • 2.5 min push row
  • 75-sec base row
  • 2 min push row
  • 1 min base row
  • 90-sec push row
  • 45-sec base row
  • 30 sec all-out row

(Floor Block – Set 1)

  • Non-stop of: 5 x squat, 5 x bicep curl, 5 x front squat, 5 x uppercut, 5 x deadlift, 5 x hip hinge low row

(Floor Block – Set 2)

  • Non-stop of: 20 total x static crunch with over/under, 20 total x static crunch with heel touch, 20 total x bicycle

Tips to Conquer Your First Nonstop Workout

  1. Pace Yourself: Begin with a conservative push on both the tread and rower to ensure you have enough energy for the entire workout. Focus on maintaining your base pace throughout to improve endurance.
  2. Cardiovascular Efficiency: Consistently maintain your base pace to allow your heart rate to recover and enter the fat-burning green zone.
  3. Proper Dumbbell Selection: Choose dumbbells that challenge you without being too heavy or too light, enabling continuous movement during the floor block.
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The OrangeTheory Nonstop workout is a test of physical and mental endurance, offering a comprehensive full-body challenge that promises maximum results.

By following the provided tips and maintaining a steady pace, participants can conquer this intense workout and revel in the sense of accomplishment it brings.

Embrace the challenge, push your limits, and experience the transformative power of the OrangeTheory Nonstop workout.

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