Does Orangetheory Have Saunas

Does Orangetheory Have Saunas?

Orangetheory Fitness has quickly grown as a boutique fitness studio franchise since its start in 2010, combining science and technology with coaching to help clients become fitter.

However, Orangetheory does not provide sauna or steam room services due to its focus on short but high-intensity group workouts. Some partner gyms may provide these services separately. For more information about Orangetheory and its various services, readers should continue exploring the content.

Does Orangetheory Have Saunas?

No, Orangetheory does not have saunas but it has a couple of bathrooms and showers

A short history of the sauna

Humans have been using saunas for various purposes since around 2000 BC, with Finland being the capital of sauna culture.

There, the practice of “fry and freeze” is common and it is said to be one of the reasons behind Finland being the happiest country in the world.

In Russia, people go to communal banyas or Finnish saunas to enjoy a relaxing experience, while in St. Petersburg there is a Women’s Deluxe Banya where people can also exfoliate with used coffee grounds.

After a good sweat, people experience “relaxed alertness” which is beneficial for higher-order thinking skills. F.E. Sillanp√§√§ famously remarked that unique thoughts and feelings arise from the sauna bench which cannot be found elsewhere.

Why Doesn’t Orangetheory Provide Steam Room or Sauna Services?

Orangetheory focuses on high-intensity interval training in a group setting, rather than weights, to create an afterburn effect that helps in burning extra calories.

It does not provide steam room or sauna services as part of its package, but some partnering studio gyms might offer them separately.

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For those interested in muscle recovery, there is a list of gyms with sauna, steam room, or infrared sauna options.

What Makes Orangetheory Fitness Stand Out From Other Studio Workouts?

Reliance on Technology

Orangetheory Fitness incorporates the use of heart-rate monitors in its classes to provide data-driven workouts and routines that are tailored to the individual needs of its clients, helping maximize their effectiveness.

Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption

Orangetheory’s rigorous routines involve participants staying in zone four of the EPOC system for a minimum of 12 minutes, which allows them to burn calories up to 36 hours after the training session.

This high-intensity interval training is key for achieving peak performance levels.

Personal Training in a Group Set-Up

Orangetheory provides small-sized classes, allowing for a more hands-on approach from its fitness trainers.

The trainers spend time with each participant and provide tailored advice on when to increase intensity or when to rest, enabling all members to sustain high performance throughout the workouts.

Several Training Routines

Orangetheory fitness offers an unpredictable and varied workout experience, with a combination of indoor water-rower, BOSU Trainer, TRX strap, dumbbells, Ab Dolly and medicine balls used in each session.

The coaches keep the routine hidden until the start of the workout for added excitement.

Do All Gyms Adhere To High Cleaning Standards?

It is advised to review the local gym online and book a visit before deciding on a membership. One should be aware of the availability of hand sanitizer, wipes, and cleaners, as well as the gym’s cleaning policy.


Orangetheory is renowned for providing effective fitness regimens that are scientifically backed and technologically enhanced.

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Despite calls for the franchise to introduce sauna and steam rooms to their packages, there is minimal likelihood of this happening due to their focus on high-intensity interval exercises.

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