How to Pair Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor to Apple Watch

How to Pair Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor to Apple Watch?

Orangetheory launched a new device, the OTbeatLink, which works with your Apple Watch to track heart rate and sync it to the live leaderboard in each Orangetheory class. It’s easy to set up .

How To Pair Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor To Apple Watch?

  1. Go to the settings on your Apple Watch and turn on Bluetooth and turn on your OTbeat Burn.
  2. Select your OTbeat Burn device under Bluetooth to connect devices.
  3. Now open the Apple Workout App and then select the type of workout on the watch.
  4. Finally, you’ll see your heart-rate displayed on your Apple Watch which is being measured from your OTbeat Burn during your workout.


Can I use my own heart rate monitor at Orangetheory?

Yes you can now use your own apple watch at Orangetheory through OTbeatLink.

How does Orangetheory calibrate heart rate?

They collect data while you’re working out and consider last 20 workouts to calibrate.

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