Does Orangetheory Have Childcare

Does Orangetheory Have Childcare?

As a parent, you may have limited time for yourself, but that doesn’t mean you should skip taking care of yourself! OrangeTheory Fitness offers various classes throughout the day and is a great option for busy parents.

Unfortunately, Orangetheory don’t offer childcare Service but their short classes are still an ideal fit.

Does OrangeTheory Have Childcare? No, They Don’t.

Despite the lack of childcare facilities, OrangeTheory Fitness remains an excellent option for parents to workout due to its wide range of classes and other beneficial features.

Why Don’t They Have Childcare?

It is obvious that providing childcare at gyms can be beneficial for parents, yet this would incur extra costs and take up space in the facility, while also raising liability issues.

Ultimately, OrangeTheory should consider amenities that their clients could make the most use of.

Alternatives To Childcare at OrangeTheory Fitness

OTF does not offer childcare services onsite, however individuals may be able to find short-term childcare near the facility by inquiring at the local OTF.

Additionally, some daycare centers close to the OTF might provide discounts for members.

Availability of these services will vary depending on the location of the facility and it is recommended to scout for such options if wanting to attend OTF classes.

So, What Can You Do Such a Situation?

Take Short Classes

OrangeTheory Fitness classes generally range between 30 to 45 minutes, so parents still have the opportunity to get a quality workout and get the same benefits of an hour long class at one of the other gyms.

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Look for Nearby Child Care

Parents can look for any available local childcare center and inquire about discounts for OTF members.

This could be beneficial for short-term childcare solutions, which may allow a parent to take a class and still be able to take care of their children afterwards.

Schedule Your Workouts Ahead of Time

If childcare is not an option, parents should plan in advance. Setting up a plan and preparing meals and activities for the children before leaving for a class can help make things easier.

Ultimately, OrangeTheory Fitness can be a great option for busy parents, despite the lack of childcare facilities. And with the right plan in place, parents can still manage their schedules and get the workout they need!

Try to work out when kids are in school or bed

Finding time for oneself can be difficult, especially when raising a family. However, it is essential to prioritize time for personal development, such as engaging in a regular workout regime.

To do so, one can take advantage of extended daycare hours and the early and late opening times of Orangetheory locations to fit a workout into their schedule.


OrangeTheory Fitness is a great option for parents looking to stay fit. Classes last an hour and are available from 5:00 am to 8:00 pm. Kids are welcome, and you can even attend the first class for free.

It’s a flexible and parent-friendly gym!

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