Does Orangetheory have a Student Discount

Does Orangetheory Have a Student Discount?

Orangetheory offers a student discount that varies between studios, with most offering a $10 discount and some offering up to $50.

Additionally, many Orangetheory locations offer discounts to members of the military, police or fire departments, or other first responder organizations. You should contact your local studio for more information on what discounts they offer.

Does Orangetheory Have a Student Discount?

Yes, Orangetheory offers a student discount that varies depending on the location. Most locations offer a $10 discount, and some offer discounts of up to $50. *Additional 15% off select merchandise.

5 Reasons Why Every College Student Should Try Orangetheory

1) Your first class is free.

As a college student, money can be an issue. Orangetheory helps take away this worry by offering your first class free. Take advantage of this and come prepared to blast away those extra beer calories!

2) Get 7 times more calorie burn than a regular gym workout.

Orangetheory offers an intense, heart rate-based interval training workout with base, push, and even half-marathon pace workouts.

You’ll be pushing your body to its limits, burning maximum calories and getting your heart rate up to the desired target zone.

3) Personalized coaching.

When you’re a college student and often have limited time and energy, dedicated coaches can make all the difference.

That’s why Orangetheory’s experienced and certified coaches focus on motivating you, individually and in groups, to reach your goals and push yourself harder than ever before.

4) Variety.

From rowing to running, boxing to strength training, Orangetheory offers a variety of challenging, exciting, and functional workout formats that will keep you coming back for more.

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With so much variety, you won’t get bored or plateau—you’ll keep improving and challenging yourself.

5) A supportive community.

Orangetheory also offers a strong sense of community. With so many like-minded students in one space, you won’t feel alone when it comes to achieving your fitness goals.

Whether you’re starting from absolute beginner levels of fitness or already pushing yourself to the max, everyone is in it together at Orangetheory.

How Does the OTF Student Discount Work?

Students can take advantage of discounts at Orangetheory Fitness, which may vary depending on the studio and the level of student.

Generally, the discount will apply to all subscriptions as long as the student remains enrolled.

It is recommended to ask about discounts during the sign-up process in order to benefit from it from the beginning.

What Student Discounts Does Orangetheory Offer?

Different Orangetheory studios offer varied student discounts, depending on their management.

These include cost discounts, additional classes with an elite membership, and discounts across all plans.

To know the exact discount offer for each studio, it is important to consult the customer service agent. It is also possible to change the membership plan with the discount applied.

Can I Get a Student Discount at OTF If I’m Already a Member?

It is possible to claim a student discount for an OTF membership. This requires cancelling the standard membership and registering for a new one with the discount applied.

Can I Get an Orangetheory Student Discount If I Already Have Another Discount Plan?

OTF offers various discounts based on various criteria, such as medical, military and student status.

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However, it is only possible to claim one discount at a time, meaning that if you are already eligible for another discount, the student discount may not be applicable.

What Other Discounts Orangetheory Offer For Students?

OrangeTheory offers a variety of discounts for students, such as a First-Class Free Offer, a 30-Day Money-Back discount, a Membership Discount for friends, and a Discount for family.

All of these discounts are not advertised but can be accessed by students.

Bottom line

Orangetheory provides student discounts, however the specifics vary depending on the studio’s location. To know more about the available student discount, one must contact their local studio.

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