Can I Use My Membership At Any Orangetheory Location

Can I Use My Membership At Any Orangetheory Location? How?

Yes absolutely, You can use your Orangetheory membership at any Orangetheory locations within the country.

As a member of Orangetheory, you can visit any studio in the US, however if you want to attend an OTF studio in another country you would have to pay a drop-in rate. Membership is not transferable across countries.

How to Use Orangetheory Fitness Membership At Any Location?

In order to attend an Orangetheory class, one must book a spot at least 24 hours prior. This can be done through the online form-filling procedure or by calling the nearby studio.

  • You can call the studio number listed on the app.
  • The Studio agent ask you some questions about you and your registered location.
  • Studio needs you to sign a liability waiver and your personal information (name, address, emergency contact information, etc.)
  • Then they secure a waitlist for you

NOTE: Once they’ve done that procedure once, you’ll be able to book classes through the app in the future.

It is advisable to call earlier to secure a spot on the waitlist and arrive 15 minutes before the class starts in order to complete the physical form-filling process.

Are There Extra Charges for Taking a Class At Other OTF Studios?

OTF members from other studios may have to pay a fee of $10-$12 to join a class in premium studios located in cities like New York and Los Angeles.

For visits abroad, the member must purchase drop-in classes or a package which will only be valid in that country; when they return home, they must resume their regular subscription classes.

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Are Orangetheory Workouts the Same Everywhere?

Yes; Orangetheory classes and workouts are all uniform, same everywhere; lasting 60 minutes and involving the use of a heart rate monitor.

Participants can expect to experience high-intensity interval training on the treadmill, water rower, and floor exercises. It is consistent across studios, regardless of location.

What Are Drop-in Rates at OTF Studios?

Orangetheory members typically pay a drop-in rate of $28 for classes in other franchises and locations, although this rate may vary depending on location and franchise management.

Generally, the most populated cities tend to be more expensive than smaller towns.

Haven’t worked out in a long time? Can You still do the workout?

Yes sure, Orangetheory is suitable for everyone, no matter their fitness level. A free introductory session is recommended to allow for discussion of individual goals with a coach.


So, You can use your pass at any OTF location. A valid Orangetheory membership can be used to access any location within the same country; however, if one travels abroad, they would have to pay the drop-in rate as the membership is not applicable across international borders.

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