Orangetheory 5×5 Workout: Unlocking Your Strength

OrangeTheory Fitness has taken the fitness world by storm, giving established brands a run for their money with their innovative and engaging approach to training. Unlike conventional gym routines, OrangeTheory offers a dynamic range of classes, challenges, and events that not only challenge your body but also foster a spirit of healthy competition among members.

One of their highly popular classes is the OrangeTheory 5×5 workout, which revolves around the number 5 and promises an intense and rewarding experience.

Read the OrangeTheory 5×5 workout, explore its key elements, and provide examples to give you a comprehensive understanding of this invigorating fitness routine.

What is the OrangeTheory 5×5 Workout?

At OrangeTheory, the 5×5 workout stands out as a signature class designed to test your limits and unlock your strength. As the name suggests, the workout revolves around completing 5 sets of 5 repetitions, not only during the floor block but also on the treadmills.

The class is divided into five rounds of an incline tread block, followed by sets of different exercises on the floor block, with short rowing intervals interspersed in between.

Key Elements of the OrangeTheory 5×5 Workout:

Incline Tread Block: The session kicks off with 5 blocks on the treadmills, each featuring varying incline levels. Participants face a series of push efforts and base recovery intervals, challenging their endurance and cardiovascular capacity.

The tread block sets the tone for the rest of the class, encouraging participants to give their best performance.

Floor Block: Following the tread block, participants move to the floor area for 5 rounds of different exercises. Each round typically lasts around 22.5 minutes. The exercises are designed to be performed for 5 or 10 repetitions, allowing participants to go heavy on the weights.

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Additionally, short rowing bursts are incorporated between sets, providing a dynamic and effective full-body workout.

Key Tips for the OrangeTheory 5×5 Workout:

Embrace Heavy Weights: Given the short repetitions on the floor block, participants are encouraged to challenge themselves by using heavier weights. Pushing your limits during the floor exercises will add intensity to the workout and help you build strength.

Seize the Rowing Opportunities: During the short rowing intervals, seize the chance to go all out and give it your best effort. Rowing is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that complements the strength training elements of the class.

Utilize Remaining Time: Upon completing all the floor exercises, participants often have the option to stay on the rower for the remaining duration of the class. If you have the energy and desire to push further, take advantage of this opportunity to maximize your workout.

Sample OrangeTheory 5×5 Workout Templates

Workout Example 1:

Tread Block:

  • 90-sec push
  • 1 min base
  • 30-sec push at 5%
  • 30 sec all-out

Floor Block: 5 rounds of:

  • 5 x bench tap squat
  • 10 x bosu single leg v up
  • 250m all-out row (once only)

5 rounds of:

  • 5 x bench single arm low row
  • 10 x bosu superman
  • 250m all-out row (once only)

5 rounds of:

  • 5 x shoulder press
  • 5 x bosu bicycle
  • 250m row (once only)

Workout Example 2:

Tread Block:

  • Push-flat 90 sec
  • Base (1 min)
  • Push – 30s at 5%
  • All-out (30 sec)

Floor Block: 5 rounds of:

  • Deadlift x 5
  • Plank spiderman x 10;
  • 300m row – just once

5 rounds of:

  • Incline chest press x 5
  • Low bench squats x 10;
  • 300m row – just once
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5 rounds of:

  • Seated low row x 5
  • Plank shoulder taps x 10;
  • 300m row – once


The OrangeTheory 5×5 workout is a dynamic and intense fitness experience, offering a combination of strength training, cardio, and endurance challenges.

With its emphasis on 5 sets of 5 reps, this class caters to participants of various fitness levels, allowing them to tailor the intensity to their preferences.

So, whether you seek to push your limits or are new to strength training, the OrangeTheory 5×5 workout has something to offer everyone. Unlock your strength and embrace the challenge of this invigorating fitness routine at OrangeTheory Fitness.

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