History of Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory, founded by Ellen Latham, Jerome Kern and David Long in 2010, is one of the largest fitness gym chains in and out of the US with a membership of more than 1 million people.

It has been celebrated in over 20 nations due to its convenience, community, and accessibility. These factors have proven to be key contributors to its success.

Quick Overview of Orangetheory Fitness

FoundersDavid Long, Jerome Kern, Ellen Latham
HeadquartersBoca Raton, Florida , United States

Ellen Latham, The Inspirational figure behind the success of Orangetheory

Ellen Latham had a passion for fitness from an early age, due to her father’s job as a coach. She pursued a degree in physical education and physiology and found success as a fitness trainer. However, she was unexpectedly let go from this job, so she decided to use an ‘upward momentum shift’ to her advantage, creating her own fitness program at home.

The program focused on EPOC which enabled extra calorie-burning and soon garnered enough attention that she had to rent out a gym. Her friends Kern and Long saw potential in the program, inspiring them to franchise the gym into what is now known as Orangetheory Fitness.

Ellen Latham is an inspiration to many. She is the mind behind the creation of OrangeTheory Fitness and was the first to combine her passion for health, fitness and group exercise when she created the studio in 2010.

Ellen is passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals and believes there is no better way to achieve this than in a calorie-burning, heart rate monitored environment. While focusing on constructing the perfect workout structure, Ellen stays true to her principles by always including intervals of cardiovascular and strength training. She motivates individuals to reach their goals in the most effective and fun way possible.

Ellen’s hard work and dedication to her craft have been noticed and celebrated by her peers and by the general public. Ellen has been featured in many national and international publications, including In Style Magazine, Daily Beast, and the New York Times. She has also been featured on panel discussions, speaking events, and appeared on numerous television programs, including Oprah, The Today Show and Good Morning America.

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In addition to her passion for fitness, Ellen is dedicated to her charity work as well. She created the Ellen Latham Scholarship Program, a program which helps student athletes pursue their dreams of higher education. She also donated a million dollar donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Ellen’s passion for helping others has truly made a difference in people’s lives. Her success with Orangetheory Fitness has inspired and motivated others to take charge of their health and fitness goals, and her commitment to charity is a reminder that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

Fired at 40, comeback at 54: How Ellen Latham built giant Orangetheory Fitness

Ellen Latham, a fitness expert and single mother, experienced a major blow to her career at the age of 40 when she was unexpectedly let go from her position as an exercise physiologist for a high-end Miami spa. In an interview with NBC’s Joelle Garguilo for Know Your Value, Latham expressed her shock and uncertainty over the sudden job loss.

Ellen Latham’s journey to becoming the founder of Orangetheory Fitness was far from easy. After losing her dream job, she faced considerable challenges as a single mother and mid-career woman. Despite the odds, she managed to start a Pilates business in her own home that eventually became a global sensation.

The new documentary “Momentum Shift” details this transformation and how it impacted individuals such as Oniwar and Kristen who found strength through the franchise. Latham believes that everyone should find what lights their fire and never give up despite the obstacles.

The Concept of Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness is based on the science of Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). It is an intense, full-body workout involving 60-minute interval sessions of cardiovascular and strength training. The concept is that throughout the session, your heart rate should stay in the orange zone (84% and higher) in order to maximise calorie burn and EPOC.

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The program consists of high energy and motivating trainers who lead participants through a series of exercises which involve running, rowing, and weightlifting. The use of monitors and heart rate-tracking technology allow Orangetheory to provide an effective and enjoyable workout to ensure individuals stay motivated and reach their fitness goals.

The Orangetheory classes provide a supportive, safe and competitive environment with the team-based atmosphere and supportive trainers.

Orangetheory’s success is partially due to its customizable workout plan which allows individuals to both challenge and push themselves at their own pace. This allows new and experienced patrons to benefit from the program and create long-term results.

Finally, Orangetheory’s community-based and supportive approach to fitness has enabled individuals to stay motivated and connected with their peers, further helping them to reach their goals.

Orangetheory Classes

Orangetheory classes are designed and planned by different professional fitness coaches with 92 different exercise combinations to ensure every class is unique. These combinations are the same across all studios, and typically involve participants divided into three stations; a treadmill, rowing machine and floor training in 3G classes, or two stations in 2G classes.

Orangetheory offers a range of classes that are designed to suit every individuals’ needs. The classes are categorised into ’30-minutes’, ’45-minutes’, and ’60-minutes’ and involve a mix of cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and core conditioning.

The 30-minute classes are designed to increase strength and boost metabolism, while the 45-minute classes combine cardiovascular and strength training exercises. The 60-minute classes are a full-body workout that include an intense blend of strength and calorie-burning exercises.

Regardless of the length of class, Orangetheory has developed a unique approach to its workouts which are tailored to push participants to their highest potential. All sessions are tracked by heart-rate monitors that enable trainers to provide feedback in real-time. This helps to ensure participants are working out efficiently and reaching their individual fitness goals.

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Finally, Orangetheory also offers specialised workshops such as Nutrition Seminars, Power Hours and Mobility classes, where individuals can get additional guidance in the areas of nutrition, strength and endurance.

Overall, Orangetheory provides a convenient, accessible and results-driven program that is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. With the supportive, team-based approach to fitness, it’s no wonder Orangetheory has become such a popular franchise in and out of the US.

Orange 60 and Lift 45

Orangetheory recently added a new class, Lift 45, to its existing 60-minute classes (Orange 60). In Lift 45, members focus on resistance training and are presented with three options – upper body, lower body and full-body exercises. The class is structured to cater to the different needs of Orangetheory members.

Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitors

Orangetheory is a workout concept designed to suit different types of people. It features a personalized experience with individual output competition, and each person undergoes a test to determine their own heart rate zones.

The management has been working to incorporate more elderly individuals. Heart rate monitors are required for an optimal experience; Orangetheory has its own brand of heart rate monitors, as well as Apple Watch compatibility.

What makes Orangetheory unique?

Orangetheory classes last for 60 minutes, making them great for burning calories and shedding some pounds if you make it a regular part of your routine.


Orangetheory is owned and operated by three key individuals, Ellen Latham, David Long, and Jerome Kern, who are credited with establishing the concept and workout design which has seen its success.

Although each franchise may be managed differently, the equipment, classes and exercises remain consistent.

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