Branch Warren Workout Routine

Branch Warren’s workout routine includes exercises such as T-bar rows, lat pulldowns, cable crossovers, rope pushdowns, preacher curls, leg extensions, and squats. His training split consists of back on Monday, chest on Tuesday, rest on Wednesday, arms on Thursday, and legs on Friday.

The routine is designed to build muscle and strength effectively. The exercises mentioned target different muscle groups to ensure overall development. In addition to his workout routine, Branch Warren also follows a specific diet plan to support his training and achieve his fitness goals.

Branch Warren’s Back Workout

Branch Warren’s back workout routine focuses on building strong and well-developed back muscles. At MetroFlex Gym in Austin, Texas, Branch Warren incorporates various exercises to effectively target different areas of the back.

One of the exercises he includes in his routine is the T-Bar Row. This exercise helps to strengthen the muscles in the upper and middle back and also engages the biceps and forearms. Another exercise he incorporates is the Chest Supported T-Bar exercise, which primarily targets the muscles in the upper and middle back while minimizing stress on the lower back.

Additionally, Warren includes the Lat Pulldown exercise in his back workout. This exercise targets the latissimus dorsi muscles, which are the large muscles on the sides of the back. It also engages the muscles in the shoulders and arms.

Branch Warren’s Shoulder Workout

Branch Warren’s Shoulder Workout at MetroFlex Gym

Branch Warren is renowned for his intense training and impressive physique. His shoulder workout routine is no exception. At MetroFlex Gym, he focuses on exercises that target the deltoid muscles, providing definition and strength. Two key exercises that Warren incorporates into his shoulder workout are the cable upright row and the seated plate front raise.

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The cable upright row is an effective exercise that targets the lateral and posterior deltoids. Using a cable machine, Warren performs this exercise by gripping the handle attached to the cable, pulling it upwards toward his chin while keeping his elbows extended. This movement effectively engages the shoulder muscles and promotes upper body strength.

The seated plate front raise is another exercise that Warren includes in his shoulder workout routine. Sitting on a bench, he holds a weight plate with both hands and raises it to shoulder height, ensuring controlled and smooth movements. This exercise primarily targets the anterior deltoids and helps develop shoulder definition and strength.

By incorporating these exercises into his shoulder workout routine, Branch Warren continues to build impressive shoulder muscles and maintain his status as one of the top bodybuilders in the world.

How To Train Like Branch Warren

Branch Warren is a renowned bodybuilder known for his intense and grueling workout routines. His training approach involves a detailed breakdown of his weekly training split, which focuses on specific muscle groups on different days of the week.

Here’s a breakdown of Branch Warren’s weekly training split:

Day Muscle Group
Monday Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps
Tuesday Quadriceps, Hamstrings, and Calves
Wednesday Back and Biceps
Thursday Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps

Branch Warren’s training routine includes a mix of compound exercises and isolation exercises to target each muscle group effectively. Some of the exercises he incorporates into his workouts include incline T-bar rows, lat pulldowns, cable crossovers, rope pushdowns, preacher curls, leg extensions, and squats.

By following Branch Warren’s training approach, bodybuilders can challenge their muscles and push their limits to achieve their desired physique.

Branch Warren’s Chest Routine

Branch Warren’s chest routine is a key component of his overall workout routine. He is known for his intense training style and focus on building strong and powerful muscles. When it comes to his chest routine, Branch incorporates a variety of exercises to target all areas of the chest.

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His workouts often include exercises such as incline barbell bench press, dumbbell flyes, cable crossovers, and chest dips. These exercises help to build size, strength, and definition in the chest muscles.

Branch Warren’s chest routine is designed to push the limits and challenge the muscles, leading to growth and development.

Comparison With Other Bodybuilders

As a power bodybuilder, Ronnie Coleman loved free weight movements. His favorites were bench presses, deadlifts, squats, barbell rows, the seated military press, lying tricep extensions, and preacher curls.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘Golden Six’ Barbell workout is known for its effectiveness. It includes barbell squats, barbell bench presses, chin-ups, barbell upright rows, barbell curls, and dips.

Mike Mentzer’s workout routine focused on high-intensity training and heavy compound movements. He emphasized maximizing muscle stimulation by using advanced training techniques such as rest-pause sets and forced reps.

Branch Warren’s Pre-olympia Workout & Diet Plan

Overview of Branch Warren’s pre-Olympia training split:

Day Workout
Monday Back
Tuesday Chest
Wednesday Rest
Thursday Arms
Friday Legs

Brief summary of Branch Warren’s diet plan during the pre-Olympia period: Branch Warren’s workout routines include incline T-bar rows, lat pulldowns, cable crossovers, rope pushdowns, preacher curls, leg extensions, and squats. Branch Warren focuses on a high protein diet, consuming lean meats, eggs, and protein supplements to aid in muscle growth and recovery.


Branch Warren Workout Routine

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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Train Like Branch Warren?

To train like Branch Warren, follow his workout routine which includes exercises like T-Bar Rows, Chest Supported T-Bar, Lat Pulldown, Cable Upright Row, and Seated Plate Front Raise. Train specific muscle groups on different days of the week, such as Chest, Shoulders & Triceps on Monday, Quadriceps, Hamstrings & Calves on Tuesday, Back & Biceps on Wednesday, and Chest, Shoulders & Triceps again on Thursday.

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What Was Ronnie Coleman Workout Routine?

Ronnie Coleman’s workout routine consisted of powerlifting exercises like bench presses, deadlifts, squats, barbell rows, seated military press, lying tricep extensions, and preacher curls. He focused on free weight movements for maximum strength and muscle gain.

What Workout Routine Did Arnold Schwarzenegger Use?

Arnold Schwarzenegger followed the ‘Golden Six’ barbell workout routine. It consisted of squats, bench presses, deadlifts, upright rows, barbell curls, and sit-ups.

What Was Mike Mentzer Workout Routine?

Mike Mentzer’s workout routine consisted of high-intensity training, focusing on heavy compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and rows. He believed in training to failure and reducing the number of sets while increasing the intensity. Branch Warren Workout Routine | High-Intensity Training with Compound Exercises.


Incorporating Branch Warren’s workout routine into your fitness regimen can help you achieve your desired physique. By focusing on exercises like incline T-bar rows, lat pulldowns, and cable crossovers, you can target specific muscle groups and enhance your overall strength and conditioning.

Branch Warren’s dedication to training exemplifies his success as a professional bodybuilder. So, why not take inspiration from his training methods and push yourself to new limits? Start incorporating these exercises into your own workout routine and see the results for yourself.

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