Yukio Mishima Workout Routine

Yukio Mishima’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Yukio Mishima was a Japanese author, playwright, and actor who was not only revered for his writing but also his incredible physical form. He was a man who believed in the connection between physical and mental health, and he strived to achieve the perfect balance between the two.

Here, we’ll explore Yukio Mishima’s workout routine and diet plan and find out how he maintained his impressive physique.

Yukio Mishima’s Stats

  • Age: 45
  • Height: 5’5”
  • Weight: About 145 lbs (Known)
  • BMI: 24.1
  • Bodyweight percentage: 8 to 12%

Yukio Mishima’s Workout Routine

Mishima’s workout routine was a mix of weightlifting, martial arts, and sports. His favorite exercise was the DECLINE DUMBBELL PRESS. He was known for his love of fencing and practiced it 3 times a week. He also trained in karate, kendo, and judo. Apart from these martial arts, Mishima hit the gym regularly, focusing on weights and resistance training.

Mishima’s weightlifting routine was intense, and he lifted weights five days a week. He would focus on specific muscle groups each day and trained until he could no longer lift the weight.

Mishima also incorporated calisthenics into his workout, like push-ups and leg raises, to maintain stamina and flexibility.

Yukio Mishima’s Diet Plan

Besides his workout routine, Mishima was equally conscious about his diet. He followed a very strict and regimented eating pattern, which was divided into two parts.

During the day, he consumed a low-calorie diet, mainly consisting of fish, vegetables, and some carbohydrates. He avoided high-calorie foods and sugar.

At night, he indulged in a high-calorie dinner, which included meat, rice, and some sweets.

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Mishima believed that this practice helped him maintain a slender and lean physique while providing him with the necessary nutrients.

Mishima’s dedication to his fitness and health was not just limited to his workouts and diet plans. He believed that one of the most essential aspects of physical health was rest and recovery.

He made sure he slept a minimum of eight hours every night.

To aid in the recovery and repair of his muscles, he also incorporated massages and stretching into his daily routine.

Final Words

Yukio Mishima was a man of many facets, and his impact on Japanese literature and culture is indisputable. However, his dedication and commitment to his physical fitness and mental well-being is equally impressive.

His workout routine and diet plan serve as an inspiration to many, even to this day. Taking care of one’s physical health is not just a means to attain a particular body type; it’s important for overall wellness and happiness.

Mishima was a firm believer in this connection, and his lifestyle serves as a testament to his beliefs.

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