Dorian Yates Workout Routine

Dorian Yates’ workout routine consists of training each body part once every seven days. He trained four days per week, focusing on different muscle groups on each day.

Mondays were dedicated to shoulders and triceps, Tuesdays to back, Thursdays to chest and biceps, and Fridays to legs. Yates believed in high-intensity training and utilized techniques like one-arm dumbbell rows, deadlifts, pull-ups, and shoulder shrugs. He also incorporated his abs workouts after his shoulder and triceps sessions.

Yates’ training philosophy emphasized the importance of pushing oneself to the limit and allowing sufficient rest between sets. Overall, his workout routine was designed to maximize muscle growth and strength gains.

Monday: Shoulder, Triceps

Dorian Yates Workout Routine
Monday: Shoulder, Triceps
Shoulder press
Side lateral raise
Rear delt fly
Triceps pushdown
Skull crusher

Dorian Yates is well-known for his intense and effective workout routine. On Mondays, he focuses on shoulder and tricep exercises.

The workout starts with shoulder press, which targets the deltoid muscles. Side lateral raises are then performed to work the side delts. Rear delt flies are included to strengthen the rear delts. Moving on to triceps, triceps pushdowns are done to isolate and build the triceps.

Lastly, skull crushers are performed to further target the triceps. This workout routine allows for maximum muscle stimulation and growth.

Tuesday: Back

Tuesday: Back
One-arm dumbbell row
Barbell row
Shoulder shrug

Dorian Yates, known for his intense training program, dedicated Tuesdays to back exercises.

One of the exercises he included was the one-arm dumbbell row, which helps target the back muscles. Another exercise he incorporated was the barbell row, which also works the back muscles.

To further strengthen the shoulders, Yates included the shoulder shrug exercise. The pull-up exercise was also part of his back routine, helping to build upper body strength.

Lastly, the deadlift was included to engage multiple muscle groups, including the back. By following Yates’ Tuesday back workout routine, individuals can effectively train their back muscles for strength and development.

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Thursday: Chest, Biceps, And Abs

When it comes to Dorian Yates’ workout routine, Thursday is dedicated to working out the chest, biceps, and abs. Here are some key exercises that are included in this workout:

  • Bench press – This exercise is great for targeting the chest muscles and building upper body strength. It involves lying on a bench and pushing a barbell away from the chest.
  • Dumbbell fly – The dumbbell fly exercise focuses on the chest muscles and helps in developing the outer chest. It is done by lying on a bench and opening the arms wide, lowering the dumbbells to the sides.
  • Incline bench press – This variation of the bench press focuses on the upper chest muscles. It involves lying on an inclined bench and pushing the barbell away from the chest.
  • Bicep curl – Bicep curls are great for targeting the bicep muscles and building arm strength. They are done by holding a dumbbell in each hand and curling the weights towards the shoulders.
  • Cable crunches – Cable crunches target the abdominal muscles and help in building a strong core. They are performed by attaching a cable to a pulley system and kneeling in front of it, then crunching the abs towards the floor.

These exercises, along with proper form and technique, can help individuals achieve a strong and sculpted chest, biceps, and abs like Dorian Yates. Remember to always warm up before starting any workout and consult with a fitness professional before beginning any new exercise routine.

Dorian Yates Training Techniques

Dorian Yates Training Techniques include working each body part once every seven days and training four days per week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday).

This training approach allows for adequate rest and recovery between workouts, which is essential for muscle growth and strength development. Dorian Yates emphasizes the importance of intensity and focus during training sessions, using heavy weights and performing exercises with proper form.

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Yates also stresses the significance of progressive overload, gradually increasing the weight or resistance used in each workout to continually challenge the muscles. By following Dorian Yates’ workout routine, individuals can expect to see improvements in muscle size, strength, and overall fitness.

Dorian Yates Training Frequency

Dorian Yates Training Frequency:

Dorian Yates trained each body part once every seven days. He typically trained four days a week, specifically on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Abs were trained once per week, usually after a heavy shoulders and triceps session.

Yates added abs training at the end of this workout because he felt that shoulders and triceps was a relatively easier session compared to the others and did not take as much out of him.

This allowed him to include abs training without compromising the intensity and energy required for his other workouts.

Dorian Yates Workout: Complete Guide

Dorian Yates is known for his intense and demanding workout routine, famously called “Blood and Guts.” This workout routine is designed to push your limits and maximize muscle growth.

Yates trained each body part once every seven days, working out four days a week. On Mondays, he focused on shoulders and triceps.

Tuesdays were dedicated to back exercises. Chest and biceps were the main focus on Thursdays, and Fridays were for legs and calves.

Yates believed in training to failure and using heavy weights. He would perform exercises like one-arm dumbbell rows, shoulder shrugs, pull-ups, deadlifts, and pull-downs. The rest between sets was kept minimal to maintain intensity.

When it came to his abs, Yates trained them once a week after his heavy shoulder and triceps session. He considered this workout to be relatively easier than the others.

If you want to train like Dorian Yates, be prepared for intense workouts and pushing yourself to the limit. Remember to always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new workout routine.

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Dorian Yates’ workout routine and incorporate his training techniques into your own fitness regimen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Hours A Day Did Dorian Yates Workout?

Dorian Yates worked out four days a week, generally Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Each session lasted around one hour.

What Is Dorian Yates 4 Day Routine?

Dorian Yates 4 day routine consists of training each body part once every seven days. Yates trained four days per week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday). Each day focuses on different muscle groups such as shoulders and triceps, back, chest and biceps.

The routine is known for its intensity and includes exercises like one-arm dumbbell rows, deadlifts, pull-ups, and shoulder shrugs.

Who Was The Bodybuilder Who Only Worked Out 3 Times A Week?

The bodybuilder who only worked out 3 times a week is Dorian Yates. He followed a training routine where he worked each body part once every seven days, training four days a week.

How Often Did Dorian Yates Train Abs?

Dorian Yates trained abs once per week, usually after his heavy duty shoulders and triceps session. He felt that shoulders and triceps were the easiest workouts of the week, so he added abs at the end.


Dorian Yates Workout Routine is a comprehensive training plan that focuses on intense and efficient workouts. With a four-day-per-week schedule, Yates’ training techniques emphasize training each body part once every seven days. This routine includes a variety of exercises such as one-arm dumbbell rows, deadlifts, pull-ups, and shoulder shrugs, providing a well-rounded approach to building strength and muscle mass.

By following the Dorian Yates Workout Routine, you can achieve impressive results and take your fitness to the next level. Start incorporating these exercises into your training today and experience the benefits for yourself.

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