Kj Apa Workout Routine and Diet

KJ Apa’s workout routine includes chest and tricep exercises on Mondays. Now, let’s delve into the details of his workout routine and diet plan.

KJ Apa, known for his role as Archie Andrews on the popular TV show Riverdale, has a dedicated workout routine that helps him maintain a fit and muscular physique. His workout routine consists of targeting specific muscle groups on different days of the week.

On Mondays, he focuses on chest and tricep exercises. This includes exercises like bench presses, chest front raises, and tricep dips. By targeting these muscle groups, KJ is able to build strength and definition in his upper body.

In addition to his workout routine, KJ Apa also follows a strict diet plan to support his fitness goals. He consumes a balanced diet that includes lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. He also ensures he stays hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

By combining a consistent workout routine with a nutritious diet, KJ Apa is able to maintain his sculpted physique.

Monday: Chest & Triceps

The KJ Apa workout routine for Monday focuses on chest and triceps. The workout includes bench presses, dumbbell flyes, tricep dips, and tricep pushdowns. Bench presses are an excellent exercise for building chest muscles and also engage the triceps.

Dumbbell flyes target the chest muscles and help in shaping and defining them. Tricep dips are an effective exercise for strengthening and toning the triceps.

Tricep pushdowns specifically target the triceps muscles and help in building strength and size. Incorporating these exercises into your workout routine can help in developing a well-defined chest and strong triceps.

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Tuesday: Back & Biceps

KJ Apa’s Tuesday workout focuses on the back and biceps. The workout consists of deadlifts, pull-ups, barbell rows, and hammer curls.

Deadlifts are a compound exercise that targets the entire back, as well as the hamstrings and glutes. Pull-ups are an effective bodyweight exercise for strengthening the back and biceps. Barbell rows target the mid and upper back muscles, while hammer curls primarily work the biceps.

This workout routine helps to build a strong and muscular back, as well as defined biceps. It is important to perform each exercise with proper form and gradually increase the weight as you progress. Adding this workout to your fitness routine can help you achieve a well-rounded physique.

Thursday: Shoulders & Legs

For an effective shoulder and leg workout, Kj Apa incorporates a variety of exercises that target these muscle groups.

One of the exercises he includes is Arnold presses, which help to build and strengthen the shoulders. Lateral raises are another exercise that specifically targets the shoulders and can help to achieve a more defined look.

For the lower body, Kj Apa includes squats and leg press exercises. Squats are a compound movement that works multiple muscles in the legs, including the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Leg press exercises, on the other hand, specifically target the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes.

By incorporating these exercises into his workout routine, Kj Apa is able to effectively target and strengthen his shoulder and leg muscles.

Integrating compound movements like squats and including exercises that isolate specific muscle groups, such as Arnold presses and lateral raises, can help individuals achieve a well-rounded and balanced physique.

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Friday: Core & Cardio

  • Planks
  • Russian twists
  • Bicycle crunches
  • HIIT cardio

The Friday workout for KJ Apa’s routine focuses on core and cardio exercises. It starts with planks to engage the core muscles and build stability. Planks are performed by holding a push-up position while keeping the body in a straight line. This exercise targets the abs, back, and shoulders.

After planks, Apa incorporates Russian twists to work the oblique muscles. Russian twists involve twisting the torso from side to side while holding a weighted object or keeping the hands clasped together. This exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles and improves rotational power.

Next, Bicycle crunches are added to the routine to target the abs and obliques. This exercise involves lying on the back, bringing the knees up towards the chest, and performing a pedaling motion with the legs while reaching the opposite elbow to the opposite knee.

To finish off the Friday workout, Apa includes HIIT cardio exercises for an intense cardio session. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) involves alternating periods of high-intensity exercise with short rest or recovery periods. This helps to burn calories, increase cardiovascular fitness, and improve overall endurance.


Sunday: Full Body Circuit

Circuit training including compound exercises such as burpees, lunges, and mountain climbers

Remember to always warm up before each workout and cool down/stretch afterward. Stay hydrated and listen to your body’s limits. Consistency and proper form are key to achieving KJ Apa’s superhero physique.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Does Joe Manganiello Workout?

Joe Manganiello trains six times per week with his trainer, Ron Mathews, after booking his role on HBO’s True Blood.

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What Is Halle Berry’s Workout?

Halle Berry’s workout consists of sit-ups, Russian twists, squats, burpees, lunges, side knees, and skaters.

What Is Britney Spears Workout Routine?

Britney Spears’ workout routine consists of different muscle groups on each day of the week. On Monday, she focuses on chest and triceps, Tuesday is for back and biceps, Thursday is shoulders and triceps, and Friday is for legs and biceps.

She rests on Wednesday and Saturday, and on Sunday, she does core and cardio exercises.

How To Gym 5 Days A Week?

To gym 5 days a week, follow these steps:

1. Create a schedule for each day with specific muscle groups to target.

2. Start with a warm-up and focus on compound exercises.

3. Include cardio on some days for overall fitness.

4. Keep workouts intense but manageable, focusing on progressive overload.

5. Ensure proper rest, hydration, and nutrition to support recovery and muscle growth.


To achieve a physique like KJ Apa’s, it’s essential to follow a carefully planned workout routine. By incorporating exercises that target the chest, triceps, shoulders, back, biceps, and core, you can build strength and definition in these key areas. Combine this workout routine with a balanced diet and proper supplementation to maximize results.

With consistency and dedication, you can make significant progress on your fitness journey. So, get started today and enjoy the benefits of a KJ Apa-inspired workout routine!

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