Greg Plitt Workout Routine

Greg Plitt’s workout routine consists of targeted daily workouts, with each day focusing on a specific part of the body to allow for rest and recovery throughout the week. Some of the exercises included in his routine are push-ups, cable crossovers, side twists, incline leg lifts, rowing cables, wide grip pulls, and squats.

Plitt’s approach to fitness emphasizes a well-rounded training program that targets different muscle groups and promotes overall strength and athleticism. He also shares his workout secrets and provides detailed instructions on how to perform each exercise, including the number of sets and reps, in his personal workout videos.

By following Plitt’s workout routine and incorporating his training techniques, individuals can strive to achieve a toned and sculpted physique like his.

Overview Of Greg Plitt’s Workout Routine

Greg Plitt, a renowned fitness model and actor, had a structured workout routine that focused on different body parts. Plitt believed in the importance of rest and allowed each body part to recover by dedicating a specific day to train each one.

For example, he would dedicate one day to legs, another day to arms, and so on. This approach allowed him to give each muscle group adequate time to rest and grow. Plitt’s workouts were intense and challenging, often incorporating compound exercises and supersets to maximize muscle engagement and efficiency.

He would perform exercises such as squats, push-ups, cable crossovers, and more. Plitt’s dedication to his workout routine played a significant role in his impressive physique and overall fitness level.

Greg Plitt’s Workout Split

Greg Plitt, a renowned fitness model and actor, had a strict workout routine that focused on training each body part on different days.

This approach allowed each muscle group to rest and recover throughout the week. For instance, one day would be dedicated to working out legs, while another day would focus on arms, and so on.

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By dividing his workouts in this manner, Greg was able to maximize his gains and avoid overtraining. His workouts included a variety of exercises such as push-ups, cable crossovers, squats, and more.

Greg also believed in the importance of proper form and technique, and he shared his workout secrets with others through instructional videos and tutorials. With his dedication and discipline, Greg Plitt achieved a physique that inspired many aspiring fitness enthusiasts.

Greg Plitt’s Leg Workout Routine

Greg Plitt, a renowned fitness model and bodybuilder, had a rigorous leg workout routine to build strong and defined legs. Here are some exercises recommended by Plitt to target the legs:

1. Barbell Hack Squat: This exercise targets the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Place a barbell behind your legs and lift it while keeping your back straight.

2. Squat with Plate Mover: This exercise focuses on the quads and glutes. Hold a weight plate against your chest and perform squats while maintaining proper form.

3. Drop Set: This is an intense technique that involves performing a set of exercises with decreasing weights. It helps in stimulating muscle growth and increasing strength in the legs.

These exercises, along with other leg workouts, were part of Greg Plitt’s training regimen. Remember to consult a professional trainer before incorporating these exercises into your routine.

Greg Plitt’s Upper Body Workout Routine

Greg Plitt’s Upper Body Workout Routine

When it comes to building a well-rounded upper body, Greg Plitt focused on exercises for the chest, back, and arms. His workout routine included a variety of exercises that targeted these muscle groups for maximum muscle development.

  • Chest Exercises: Greg incorporated exercises like close-grip push-ups off of a dumbbell and seated barbell wrist curls to target the chest muscles.
  • Back Exercises: For the back, Greg included exercises like rope pushdowns and bent-over rows to build muscular strength and size.
  • Arm Exercises: Greg’s arm routine consisted of exercises like dumbbell curls and tricep pushdowns using a cable machine.
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By following these exercises, Greg Plitt was able to achieve a well-developed upper body. Incorporating a variety of exercises that target different muscle groups is important for overall muscle growth and development.

Greg Plitt’s Ab Workout Routine

Greg Plitt, a renowned fitness trainer and model, had a unique approach to abdominal training. He believed that a strong core is the foundation for overall strength and athleticism. Plitt’s ab workout routine consisted of various core exercises that targeted different areas of the midsection.

Some of the core exercises included:

  • Close-grip push-up off of a dumbbell
  • Rope pushdown
  • Seated barbell wrist curl
  • Barbell hack squat
  • Squat with plate mover

Plitt recommended focusing on one part of the body each day to allow for proper rest and recovery. For example, dedicating a day to leg workouts while giving other muscle groups a break.

By following Plitt’s ab workout routine and incorporating these core exercises into your fitness regimen, you can strengthen your midsection and enhance your overall strength and athleticism.


Benefits Of Greg Plitt’s Workout Routine

Greg Plitt’s workout routine has been praised by many individuals who have experienced remarkable results. By incorporating his workouts into your fitness regimen, you can expect to achieve muscle growth and increased strength.

One of the main advantages of Greg Plitt’s workout routine is its focus on targeting specific muscle groups. By dedicating each day to a different part of the body, you allow for proper rest and recovery, which is essential for muscle development.

Testimonials from individuals who have tried Plitt’s workouts report significant gains in muscle mass and overall strength. His exercises are carefully designed to engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, resulting in efficient and effective workouts.

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Additionally, Greg Plitt’s dedication and passion for fitness are incredibly motivating. Through his workout videos and explanations, he shares his work out secrets and guides you on proper form, sets, and reps.

If you’re looking to take your fitness journey to the next level, consider incorporating Greg Plitt’s workout routine into your training program. With dedication and consistency, you too can achieve impressive results and reach your fitness goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Greg Plitt Weigh?

Greg Plitt weighs around 197 pounds.

How Often Does Ryan Gosling Workout?

Answer: Ryan Gosling works out five days a week, following a traditional bodybuilding split workout for an hour and a half each session. This helps him achieve his ‘Barbie’ body and Ken-like physique.

What Is Mft28?

MFT28 is a workout program created by fitness trainer Greg Plitt. It focuses on training different body parts each day to allow for rest throughout the week. The program includes exercises like push-ups, squats, cable crossovers, and wide grip pulls.

Greg Plitt provides detailed instructions on how to perform each exercise and shares his workout secrets.


To achieve an athletic and good-looking body, Greg Plitt’s workout routine focuses on targeting different body parts each day to allow for adequate rest. His workouts include exercises like push-ups, cable crossovers, squats, and more. Following this routine can help you build strength and improve your physique.

Remember, fitness should enhance your life, not consume it. So, dedicate three days a week to training and enjoy the benefits of a balanced approach to fitness.

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